Boise Idaho Is A Great Base Of Operations For Seeing The Larger State

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Idaho isn’t often thought of as a vacation destination. The weather has a lot to do with that, as locals love to joke that there are three months of summer and nine months of winter. Neighboring states, such as Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Montana often do see a lot of vacation travel. However, Idaho actually has quite a bit of breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures itself for those looking for memories unlike any other.

The fact that Idaho is not as well-traversed as those other states does mean that accommodations can be hard to find in the rural areas, especially during the warmer months when other travellers might be coming through. That’s why it’s a great idea to stay in one of the few cities, like Boise. There are many hotels and motels here to reserve rooms or suites for your family, and then head out on day trips either with your own car or a rented vehicle.

Another possibility is actually taking bus trips that are based out of Boise, Idaho that can show you the greatest sights and experiences across the state all while letting you enjoy the trip and not have to worry about driving or arranging meals, snacks, and stops. These excursions put your enjoyment and entertainment in the hands of professionals who make sure your trip is a blast.

Of course Boise has quite a bit to do itself. As the state capitol, there are many important buildings to state history here, as well as museums, restaurants, shopping, culture, entertainment venues, and professional sports teams to enjoy on-field action. The sheer presence of the airport alone makes it an ideal transit connection in and out of the region as part of your broader plans.