Boise, Idaho Is A Place Some Run Away To

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The urbanization of America over the last century is well-documented, as the nation has converted quickly from a rural and agricultural country to one dominated by cities. Manufacturing and industry drove the growth of many cities, but that slowly converted to consumer-services economics and large swathes of suburban sprawl.

The benefits to citizens are numerous, as concentrated tax bases mean plenty of services, be they law enforcement and emergency services or public transportation. There also tend to be many jobs and opportunities to start businesses. However, not everyone really craves urban life, and so a handful have started looking to get away from it all.

Idaho is one state that appeals to such people, and some of them wind up calling Boise in particular home. The city of Boise is still large enough to offer amenities, services, entertainment, shopping, and employment possibilities, but it’s not a particularly huge place, which is alluring to those who come here.

Of course the more Boise, Idaho grows, the less appeal it might have as a small city, but it’s still not ever going to turn into a Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles. What it will do is continue to have easy access to the Idaho countryside. Some notable agriculture takes place here, but there are also numerous mountain chains with peaks and valleys, offering great hiking, hunting, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and rafting.

In fact, Idaho offers many of the outdoor adventures and activities that most other Western states provide residents and visitors alike. However, Idaho is rarely as crowded or expensive. The ski slopes of Idaho might not have the famous t-shirts you can get from Vail or Aspen, but you’ll also save enough money to come back and go again next month if you want.