Is There Anything Great to Do in Boise?

Real Estate

I will probably sound like the most uninformed person in the world for saying this, but is there anything to do in Boise besides sitting around taking about potatoes? I never imagined I would be going on a trip there, but my boss decided to send me to talk to some new clients. Now I am trying to find some things I can do in the area when I have downtime.

I am a serious party girl once I am done with work for the day. I cannot imagine this area having too many parties and clubs, but I could be wrong. I am guessing I will have to find some great karaoke bars or something like that. I have found even the smallest cities in the world have those. If I cannot do the things that I typically do, at least it would be great to find things that are marginally exciting.

There are two people on my Facebook page who are from the area, so I have reached out to see what they would suggest I do. Only one responded and she was talking about some of the museums that are in the city. That may be great for some, but I was never one to get all excited while I am walking through exhibit halls. I will keep all of this in mind, but I would rather find something to do that does not have an educational angle.

If I cannot find activities to participate in, I will be pretty bummed out. I am going to be there for two weeks and I do not want to spend all of my time in a hotel room. I will have to do some digging to see what I can come up with.